Whether in private practice or the public sector, there are many podcasts available to keep up with legal developments if you’re a lawyer. But which ones are worth your time? Here’s our list of the best podcasts for lawyers:

1) Legal Talk Network.

The Legal Talk Network is a publisher of podcasts covering all aspects of law and the legal profession, from self-defense to intellectual property to tax law. Their podcasts are produced by practicing lawyers in some of the top law firms in America, so they provide a level of practical information you won’t find on other podcasts. Some great programs include the Law Technology Now podcast, which features discussions about how technology is being used in the legal field; The Legal Toolkit, which has episodes on different elements of law practice such as bankruptcy and estate planning; and Launchpad: Business Startup Podcast, in which host Matt Ward interviews entrepreneurs to learn more tips that can help you start a business.

2) The Lawyerist Podcast.

If you’re a solo practitioner or are thinking of opening your own practice, this is the podcast for you. Hosted by lawyer and blogger J. Craig Williams, The Lawyerist Podcast features interviews with some of the top minds in legal practice today to help lawyers cope with the unique challenges they face daily. Williams himself is the founder of his law firm, and he discusses many issues facing small-firm practitioners in his podcast. Topics range from dealing with demanding clients to making the most of your practice’s website.

3) Lawyer 2 Lawyer Podcast.

If you’re interested in legal ethics or want to expand your knowledge of the legal system, Lawyer 2 Lawyer is a great place to start. The program features interviews with some of the most knowledgeable minds in law on topics ranging from legal ethics and litigation strategy to pro bono work and how new lawyers can get started working with nonprofits. Hosts Bob Ambrogi and Jeralyn Merritt cover a wide range of topics. They feature many prominent guests, including Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, Star Trek actor Wil Wheaton, and legal journalist Bryan Horwath.

4) Law School Toolbox Podcast.

If you’re in law school or about to start your first semester, check out the Law School Toolbox podcast from Rob & Elle McSweeney. This podcast has a wealth of information for new law students, discussing everything from taking notes in class to the best ways to prepare for exams and interviews. The episodes are hosted by Rob & Elle McSweeney, two law school grads who have been practicing law for several years. They also host LawCast, a live video show every Thursday at 8 p.m. ET that focuses on legal careers and the skills needed to succeed in them.