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About John F. Davenport

John F. Davenport is the President of Davenport & Associates. John holds degrees from the University of Notre Dame, Fordham University, and Pace University. He currently works as a fully licensed insurance broker and a licensed attorney in both New York and Connecticut. John’s professional licenses include FINRA Series 6, 7, 63, and 65.

John F. Davenport is known for providing wealth management consultation that goes beyond just financial planning. He stands out from his competitors with his unique and astute methodologies for retirement planning, as well as his easy demeanor when providing his expert advice. His customers rave about the confident way John makes retirement planning recommendations in a clear, concise fashion.

John’s primary emphasis is on retirees and pre-retirees. He uses methods to help people invest and protect their assets while maximizing wealth transfer and minimizing estate and income taxes. Davenport is the consummate professional, and his clients tout his ability to work on their behalf.

His firm, Davenport & Associates, focuses on maximizing incomes for their clients, always keeping in mind their customers have spent their lives building significant life savings. At other firms, the interactions between clients and brokers consist of comparing growth investments offered by the firm vs. ones that the client has to obtain. Instead, at Davenport & Associates, the team positions different assets in order to create a cohesive retirement picture. That picture relies on four objectives: maximize income, maximize legacies, minimize taxes, and direct social capital.

John F. Davenport and his firm work hard to make all transactions as tax efficient as possible, which is invaluable when maximizing retirement income. John and his team also specialize in maximizing legacies and help optimize the transfer of wealth without having any adverse impacts on retirement savings. Davenport and Associates also minimize or eliminate estate, income, and capital gain taxes, allowing clients to keep more for their retirement. John and his team also help direct social capital to charities chosen by the customer, another wealth management strategy supporting retirees and pre-retirees.

Prior to founding Davenport and Associates in 1997, John F. Davenport worked as a corporate officer for TIAA-CREF. He also worked as an attorney for a large estate planning firm and spent years as an Executive Vice President and a Wealth Planner for Merrill Lynch. It was during these years that John learned essential skills that he uses to this day.

On top of his work at Davenport & Associates, John serves as a Connecticut and New York State Bar Association member. Additionally, John is a Fellow of the Life Office Management Association. John won the 2006 Forbes small business award, and Davenport & Associates was featured in the May 2010 issue of Forbes magazine. Additionally, Davenport authored the wealth planning book, The Wealth Maximization Method.

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